Glass by Ellen Garvey: blown, fused, foiled, beaded



After heating it "just so", I grab the free end with a tool and pull until I get a pencil sized "cane" of glass - watch this video!

Then all that's left is to arrange them one at a time into the desired pattern, put them into a kiln and heat them until they fuse together!


I had the honor of being on the TV show "Chronicle" and working with the host Sasha as we do in a typical glassblowing workshop experience.  My bit starts at about 3:30

Fused Murrini

Here's how I make these fused murrini pieces:

After it cools I cut it into 1/4" slices called murrini

Chronicle TV show

In the hot glass studio I roll molten glass in colored glass (like making a sugar cookie) and melt it in.

That's clear glass - it only looks red and yellow because it's that hot!